Electrical Engineering Technician

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Kalamazoo, MI
$1 - $99,999
Job Type
Direct Hire
Associate, Bachelor
Jan 08, 2018
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The Electrical Engineering Technician will be working on PCB layout and circuit design to develop complete solutions. They will also provide engineering support and technical direction for designing, manufacturing. 

  • Work with technical performance specifications to optimize and create all phases of electrical solutions for a wide variety of lighting products.
  • Work closely with manufacturing operations to bring new product designs through prototyping, testing, certification, and product launch. 
  • Accurately develop and document BOM’s and designs.
  • Evaluate and select the electrical, mechanical, thermal, optical, and semiconductor components  to be optimal for design and manufacture of products.
  • Continuously review and evaluate new technologies, competitor products, and products.
  • Help optimize supply chain, manufacturing cost reduction, quality control, and resolution of any product issues.
  • Utilize knowledge of theory-of-operation and understanding of electrical power supply and drive circuitry, heat sink thermodynamics, optics, and general knowledge of lighting components.
  • Be hands-on with computers, electronic test instruments, lab and shop tools related to prototype building and testing.
  • Good project management skills and experience as related to bringing new products to market.
  • Interface with and manage a wide variety of component suppliers, technology vendors, contract manufacturers, design service providers, etc.
  • Manage projects within time, budget and technical constraints
  • Associates degree in electrical engineering preferred or 2-4 years experience.
  • Two to five years of relevant work experience preferred. 
  • Experience using Mentor Graphics a plus.